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2005-06-17 ó 9:31 a.m.

It's a start

After many hours spent reading the brilliant and twisted musings of Dusty Scott, Iíve decided to start keeping a journal of my own. Sometimes it may be funny, sometimes boring. At other times, Iím sure it will delve into philosophy, other times into soapbox ranting about how silly and gullible people are. Iíll never even hope to have one thousandth of the wit and sarcasm that Dusty has, but if heroes were like everyone else, weíd all be sandwiches. Maybe, if nothing else happens Iíll learn how to watch the screen instead of my fingers as I type. That would surely be grand!

I was driving to work the other day and there was, of course, the obligatory and ubiquitous redneck truck with his turn signal on. I slowed, thinking that he was for sure ready to change lanes by now, but I was wrong again! I absolutely had to pass him though, because I canít stand watching someoneís turn signal just incessantly blinking in front of me. Itís like theyíre talking to themselves but making everyone else listen.

There are a surprising number of rednecks in Colorado, since itís not all mountains full of pseudo hippies and yuppies. There are plenty of rural towns where the upper crust citizens stand out very prominently. Theyíre the only ones with all of their teeth, you see.

There are a lot of religious people too. So many, in fact, that all of the liquor stores are closed on Sunday. Thatís one thing that has always pissed me off. Where in the ďbuy-bullĒ does it say that imbibing alcohol on the Sabbath is wrong? They have wine in church donít they?

Alright, maybe itís because the bible says youíre not supposed to work on Sunday, right? Well, this assumes that everyone else buys this bullshit. I know one Pakistani name Pomi, and heís not a Christian. Doesnít this mean he should be able to have his liquor store open on Sunday? Well? Separation of church and state indeed!

I never got this whole bible belt thing. It seems as though the most bigoted and intolerant people Iíve ever met were devoutly religious. They can be, you see; they have the ultimate out! No matter who they deride or act hateful towards, (which is contrary to their Christian beliefs, by the way) if they go to church on Sunday, theyíre forgiven. Isnít that swell? Be as awful as you can; letís really give Jesus something to forgive us for!

I donít know, I suppose itís good for some.

Iím so glad itís Friday. I think no matter how much I ever love my job, Iíll still be glad for days off. This new job is great. I spent 12 years at a major pharmaceutical company, which is what made me realize just how much corporate America really sucks. In the latter part of last year, I was having a mid-30s crisis, and I realized how much I hated the company. Not so much the work, but the corporation. So in December I accepted an offer for a small pharma company. Itís 1/200th the size. *sigh* how refreshing.

If any of you are in the Denver area, please come and see my band next Thursday, June 23rd 2005. Weíre playing at Hermanís Hideaway. To find out about my band, hereís the link.

My next entry will cover a much more scientific and philosophical topic Ė the universe!

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