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2005-07-28 7:10 a.m.

Healing, or at least hoping to

This is a poem that I wrote about how important it is to see the world through the pain and how important it is to get over it after you've been hurt. This was inspired by the pain and loneliness of my own divorce.

When I split with my wife; the mother of my newborn daughter, I was in the Navy. I lived in Italy, specifically in the nothern part of Sardegna. It sounds glamorous and fun, I know, but when you're broken on levels that you never knew you had and have no family even on the continent, it can be the loneliest situation that you can imagine, even with people to talk to. Anyways, I wrote this when I saw no time in the future that I would heal, but still knew that I must.


I was only a stone
In the river of life
Offering safe passage.
And after you moved
Across me to the next,
Jarred free by your loss
I sank to the bottom,
And remained.
I was only a lump,
A topographic anomaly
On the dark, sandy floor
Trying not to get buried in mud.
But now and again
When the waters were still,
A shaft of light reached me
Through the murk.
After time, the light came more often
And I knew I was again near to the top.
It was so exciting
After all that time
Down in the darkness
I was almost free!
But when I broke through
The surface
I knew I was a fool
For the river
Had dried up
Around me.

Timothy J. Stough 3 Jul 93 113 am

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