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2008-03-25 ó

A few of my favorite things

Ever inspired by the lovely and talented GolfWidow, who is the one that gave me the code to update my webpage out of the abysmally boring default diaryland format, I am making a list of 100 things that I like. This list was inspired from kristintracy, another of my favorite bloggers, who sadly due to having a real life or some other bullshit excuse, has not graced my world with her words in 6 months. Iíll keep hoping.

The deal with this (following GolfWidowís modification) is to list 100 things that you like, in no particular order, including 10 songs that youíre really digging right now. *deep breath* Here goes:

1. Music. This will always be at the top of my list. I love listening, I love playing, I just love how music makes me feel.

2. Fishing. Or more specifically, I love going to Canada and fishing with my friends. You see in Canada, you spend a lot of time catching fish, not just practicing your casting. Awesome.

3. Beer. Oh boy, do I like beer. No, I said beer, not Bud. Blech.

4. Mexican Food.

5. ďArriving Somewhere but Not HereĒ by Porcupine Tree. Thanks to my friend Don who turned me on to PT about a year and a half ago, they have quickly become one of my favorite bands.

6. Diet Pepsi. But oh, how I loathe Diet Coke.

7. The Simpsons! Still one of the best shows on TV. Fact.

8. Nexium. The purple pill that keeps my stomach acid from burning a hole all the way to my toes. See #3,4.

9. Good conversation. I am a very chatty TJ, and I love to talk, especially after a cocktail or two. I got this from my dad. Thanks Pop!

10. Stand-up comedy. I loves me a good comic.

11. Writing. Itís cathartic, yes, but itís also justÖfun!

12. Not being unemployed. I chose the wording carefully, because it doesnít necessarily mean that I like working, it just means that I donít enjoy not working. Make sense? Alright, moving onÖ

13. 13. What the fuck is the big deal about 13? When The Girl and I went to Philadelphia for a wedding a few years back, we had a room on the 13th floor. I was so happy that triskaidekaphobia wasnít rampant in the City of Brotherly Love.

14. Getting phone calls from my daughter. She doesnít call me often, and her phone doesnít work half the time.

15. Buying gifts for people. What?

16. ďThe Moment I Said ItĒ by Imogen Heap.

17. South Park.

18. The Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling really is brilliant.

19. Golfing with my friend Chad. Itís always fun, even when I suck Ė which is most of the time.

20. Ketchup. Itís good with so many things, and I like it in LARGE quantities.

21. Baking soda toothpaste. Thatís right. Love it!

22. Exploring Mayan ruins with The Girl. Sheís a great travel buddy, and I think thereís no one else Iíd rather explore ancient cultures with. Well, maybe Lara Croft. No, If I were with her someone would be shooting at us.

23. Knit hats. Tooks, Eh? Beanies, and the like. Not the kind with the little dreadlocks, but when you have as little hair as I do, you need something to keep the loaf warm.

24. Emails from people I havenít heard from in a long time. Itís the modern equivalent of an unexpected letter, and itís nice to be thought of.

25. GEEK ALERT! I like Star Trek in all forms. Even before my friend Aron was on the show.

26. ďHold On, Hold OnĒ by Neko Case. I love Neko Case! I discovered her through

27. Driving downhill. I get better mileage in my Prius that way.

28. Gigging with my band.

29. World of Warcraft. Oh noes! Two geek alerts nearly back to back!

30. Visiting with my family. I love every one of them, quirks and all.

31. James Randi, god of the modern skepticism movement.

32. The Internet. Thanks for pioneering the funding for this, Al Gore, you changed the world.

33. Coffee. Darker blends, preferably. With cream. Thanks.

34. ďPureĒ by Golden Palominos. Mmmm, Lori Carson. Delicious.

35. Sleeping in my own bed. Travel is great, but thereís no place like home.

36. Darts. Iím not an exceptional player, but I love to play. It looks more like a nipple than a bullís eye to me, but thatís just how my mind works.

37. Meeting new people.

38. A really nice stereo. Not necessarily one that will play loud, but one that will play clean, so that you can hear the subtleties of the music. Or the helicopter crashes of the movie you are watching. (thanks to Al for that analogy).

39. Snuggling with my cats.

40. Hearing my Friend David talk about his kids, Malcolm and Cesar. Cracks me up.

41. Knob Creek on the rocks. Oh, yes.

42. Every HBO series that I have ever seen. To include: Six Feet Under, Deadwood, The Sopranos, and Rome.

43. The feeling I get when I tell someone Iím sorry and I know that they forgive me.

44. ďLove to LoveĒ by UFO. Iíve been listening to this for 30 years now, and I just canít get sick of it. This rock band was way ahead of their time, and anyone who is worth his or her salt as a guitarist will bow to the mastery of Michael Schenker, who was UFOís driving force in the 70ís.

45. Ice cold water. Drinking tepid water just does not do it for me. Iíll do it in a pinch, but I like it cold, even on cold days.

46. French Onion soup.

47. Driving in the mountains on clear days when you can see for miles. Ah, itís breathtaking.

48. Camping with the family. As long as I donít have to sleep in a tent.

49. Medium-tipped pens. I donít like fine-point, even when I need to write small.

50. Chili. Pretty much all kinds. Green chili, red chili, beans, no beans, whatever.

51. Mead. Itís something that most people donít make anymore as it takes a really long time, but when I can get my hands on some, I savor it.

52. Italy. I lived there for 3 years when I was in the Navy and I still dream of going back someday. Why havenít I? Ah, well, who knows?

53. Hummus. I fell in love with hummus when I was in Israel last year, and oh boy is it outstanding. It has to be good hummus though, there is a lot of shitty hummus on the market. Sabra is a good brand for store-bought.

54. ďChinaĒ by Tori Amos. Itís a sad song about two people who canít communicate that will always have a very special place in my heart.

55. YouTube. It has everything!

56. Astronomy. Iíve always been fascinated with space, and with all the images weíre getting from Hubble, Cassini, other probes and scopes before and yet to broadcast, we have so much more to learn! Yes!

57. People that have a good sense of humor.

58. Being appreciated.

59. Cribbage. Win or lose, itís my favorite card game. I understand that Euchre will be played a lot in Canada this year though, which I used to know how to play but have long since forgotten.

60. Friendly verbal sparring. A.k.a. ďshit talkingĒ.

61. Sincerity. Just mean what you say.

62. The writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

63. Pretty much every one of Tim Burtonís movies.

64. ďNever-NeverĒ by Lush

65. Shower heads that are mounted (or hang) straight above you rather than on the wall, at an angle.

66. Polarized sunglasses Ė a must for any fisherman!

67. Speaking of fishing, thereís nothing like a fresh fillet of Northern Pike. Yum!

68. Aged Italian Parmesan cheese. Oh, I can just sit and eat slab after slab. I pretty much love cheese in general.

69. Homestar Runner. .com. Itís silly and a lot of people donít get it, but I think itís awesome. Thanks to David for turning me onto a few years back.

70. Sex. What? Did you really think I would leave this one out?

71. Disneyland my best friend Christian. We've been going since we were teenagers. Best time ever.

72. Peanut butter on French Toast. And pancakes. And waffles. With lots of syrup.

73. Carl Sagan.

74. The SharePod software that lets you use your iPod as a spare hard drive, unlocking the proprietary restrictions placed on the OS. Fuck iTunes. (Thanks Stephen!)

75. ďEnd of the WorldĒ by Blackfield. I love how Aviv Geffen and Stephen Wilson write and sing together.

76. Road trips. Call me crazy, but I like long drives. Like the 962-mile drive to the folksí house at Christmas time.

77. Long talks with my grandmother. Sheís 92 years old, still lives on her own, and is still lucid enough that I can talk to her for an hour at a time. Gah, I should call her today, itís been a few weeks. Bad grandson!

78. The Scottish accent. I just love it. Especially coming from a hot woman like Shirley Manson or Sharleen Spiteri. Prrrr.

79. Sleeping with 2 pillows under my head. One pillow just wonít do. Unless itís one of those potato sack pillows. No, even then, I like my head up high.

80. Bacon or sausage with my pancakes. But they have to be drenched in syrup too. Bacon without syrup just isnít bacon. Itís pork.

81. Air conditioning. Donít be coy, yes I love it on hot days, but I actually went to school for it when I was in the Navy, and I love how it works. The thermodynamics of it is really awesome. See Science is cool! *ducks*

82. Listening to my father tell stories. Heís the best. At Christmas, I took a new digital video camera and recorded a bunch of stories from my fatherís youth, Navy, and the Fire Department. Awesome.

83. ďWonít Be HomeĒ by The Old 97ís. Iím actually attempting to sing the lead vocal on this song in my band. Itís a busy song on the drums, and my singing voice isnít all that anyway, but the guys are being patient with me. Thanks guys!

84. Speaking of the band, I really like our new bass player, Mindi May. Sheís nice and sheís a good fit for the band.

85. White Russians, extra dark. The favorite drink in Mexico. Just call me The Dude, man.

86. Fast email responses, especially when jokes are flying. I like the rhythm of fast retorts, and humor is one of those things that works best when itís off the cuff. Like lipstick. Wait, what?

87. Fresh sheets. Nice flannel sheets in the Autumn and Winter. I donít change the sheets as often as I should, but Iím never sorry.

88. Toilet paper that is two-ply, but not too soft like Charmin. You still need to have some wiping ability, and that stuff just doesnít have a high enough friction coefficient to get the job done.

89. Computers. What a great invention. So versatile, so fun.

90. Campfires. And special thanks to my friend Chris for finally showing me how to build one quickly. Works every time. Thanks buddy!

91. ďDonít Wait That LongĒ by James. I love pretty much everything that Iíve ever heard from this band though. Tim Booth (the singer) just has a certainÖcredibility to his voice that is really something special.

92. Carhartt clothing. Triple stitched and tough, itís awesome. My favorite jacket too. Rock on.

93. Mayonnaise, please. You can shove that rotten Miracle Whip up your ass.

94. Teva Sandals. I had a friend I the Navy try to tell me how good these were 17 years ago, and I wouldnít have it. I just wasnít into sandals. Then I tried some and have been enjoying them for 7 or 8 years now. I still hate Crocs though, regardless of how comfortable they may or may not be.

95. Eggs Benedict. It always comes back to food.

96. Concerts. Live music is a rush for me, being a music lover and a performer. I know how it feels to be on stage, and an appreciative audience is really something special. A good show is awesome for me as a listener too, though.

97. Good service at a restaurant. There are few things finer than a good server. Rock on, wait staff, rock on. Youíll always get a good tip from me.

98. In the same vein, good bartenders are a blessing. I got stuck in Milwaukee this spring due to a snow storm, and when I stepped in to the hotel bar and ordered, the bartender, who was a younger woman, poured me a stiff drink. She said ďyou looked like you needed it.Ē Bless you, Patricia. I did need it.

99. I like that fact that my daughter is a self-proclaimed atheist. What pleases me about this, other than my obvious agreement, is that I had nothing to with it. Sheís a free-thinker, and she came to this conclusion completely on her own. Sheíll be 17 next week. Iím so proud.

100. I like that I was able to finish this list, and that I can be inspired by people that Iíve never met, and make time for a bit of introspection from time to time. It was harder than I realized, but I donít believe that this exercise was a waste of time at all. Hopefully it wasn't a waste of your time to read it.

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Anna - 2008-03-25 13:02:26
Yay!! Your list really cheered me up - so many good things. I love James and cribbage and campfires and independent daughters. And accidentally finding good things on diaryland. I shall have to add you, I'm afraid. Best wishes, Anna
Stephen - 2008-03-25 15:02:08
Having the ability to document 100 genuine and unique favourite things so clearly and lively, is a pleasure to see. It's like possessing a legitimate volumous vocabulary these days - one just doesn't come across the owners! Fab!
Mel - 2008-03-25 17:19:18
Very cool. Thanks for: #7, 'cause I thought everyone else was a Family Guy fan. Thanks for #13...had to have been a hotel in Old City, right? What's up with #41, I thought you were a Jameson guy? With #51... is it honey, or is it beer? #55, you've seen Human Tetris, right? #95, best breakfast at Amgen on a...Thursday morning...? and #98... I was actually thinking about you and a couple other guys out there who got stuck trying to fly out of MKE...
Liz - 2008-04-01 16:43:31
Hey thanks! I have learned more about you in those 100 than I have in the last twenty years! I'm happy to know ya Bro! You're the best bro a girl could have!!

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