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2006-03-22 — 8:36 a.m.

More bowling!

Bowling for Mondays.

Monday night’s bowling was…awesome. My bowling league, which I’ve written about before, is called T.B.I.M., which is short for Too Bad It’s Monday. It’s a very well established league, at a 30-year old bowling alley, Centennial Lanes.

When the league started, the team consisted of: me, Kim, Heather, and Kim. The second Kim left two months or so ago due to some personal goings-on and the reality that a commitment to a 33-week league is hard to live up to. It is, for sure. I think the only season that’s longer is NHL. 8. Months. Of. Bowling. OMFG.

Anyway, Kim left, agreeing to pay out the season and we had to find a replacement right away. Enter Al, my Welsh friend. Al had bowled a total of…[how many was it Al? 5 times?] not very many times before joining my team. This didn’t really bother me since my team is in last place by a very large margin. We’re not good, but we have a good time.

Yesterday my team, Split This!, went up against a team called “4” Pins Sakes. Don’t ask me why they quoted the 4, I have no idea. We all bowled well the first game, in fact Heather was the star of the show, rolling a 213!!! Give it up for my bowla sista, yo! Heather’s slowly descending average over the course of this season has been no little source of frustration for her, but last night was magic. I’ve never seen her bowl with so much control.

I picked up most of my spares, but I threw a lot of strike balls that ended up leaving 1 pin. GRRR!!!. I couldn’t be upset though, not with Heather’s incredible run. Kim was over average 2 out of 3 games, I was over all 3 games, and Al was over, at, then under. Still, it was a decisive 3 out of 4 victory for us, which we haven’t seen since…well, I’m not sure we’ve seen it this season! Ah, it felt good.

Monday’s game was also riddled with great quotes and misquotes. Evidence:

(Me, after missing a fairly easy spare)

“Too much Head Pin, I needed to get less of it.”

Al: “What did you say?”

(Me, speaking to Al)

“Your ball hooks right? What are you, retarded?”

(Kim speaking to Al as he’s getting ready to throw)

“Come on, Al! Show us the Money Shot!”

(Al rolls, gets 2 pins on one side. He’s laughing)

“That had me thinking of all sorts of things.”

(Me to Al, same frame)

Come on, Al! Aim for the nose!

(He rolls a spare)


Then on the way home, I realized another pet peeve of mine. Hyphenation. It’s like this, people. If you’re using two words to act as a single modifier for the noun, you hyphenate, like this:

Worst case, we have to cancel the race!

The worst-case condition is cancellation.

On the sign at a used car lot very near my house were these four words:

Nice one owner cars

I read this as Nice one! Owner cars.


Here’s how to fix it:

Nice one-owner cars.

There now, isn’t that better?

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golfwidow - 2006-03-22 13:56:02
Then there's the other side of the hyphenation coin: the ones who can't stay away from them. You'll know them because they'll send you e-mails telling you they've up-dated their Live-Journals.
Al - 2006-03-30 16:08:10
I can-attest to the bowling, it was-a great night. I still didn'-t get to throw a-money shot-though.
Ann - 2006-03-30 16:29:28
Brought back fine memories of being on a bowling league when I was in the 2nd grade!?!?! My partner/best friend and I would always do badly when bowling against the "cute boys"...

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