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2005-09-19 ó

Bad times, good times.

Well, itís over. After 2 years and 1 week as the drummer for the band Lickiní Lolli, I had to leave. The first thing you need to know is how much I loved this band and what I was willing to put into it. Just a few weeks into the band, I started a website, at my own expense. I also paid a friend to do some custom artwork for us, sheís a wonderfully brilliant artist named Mirai. Check out her website. Here's the image. Once we had this sweet logo, I bought a bunch of bumper stickers, and even a custom head for my bass drum. Needless to say, this was a zero return on investment.

I love the two girls in the band; they are both very dear to me, and I would have done anything for them. This includes loaning them a car for 9 months, then selling it to them at 40% of what it was worth, and giving them a year to pay me for it.

Anyway, Iím not going to go on for too long telling you my depth of generosity and all around superhuman awesomeness, so Iíll get to the point. I found out that there was a lot of dishonesty in the band. I was being lied to about gigs that we played and got paid for, but I was told we didnít get paid, things like that. Lying to me about the money turned it into stealing too. I'd have gladly loaned her the $40 or $50 it amounted to had she just come clean with me. I guess there's a price tag on friendship after all.

I donít know how long this went on, or even if I ever got my fair cut at shows. There were also a number of parking tickets that the girls got while my plates were still on the car. Guess what? Wait for it...Yeah, I had to pay those too. Whatís fucked up though, is that I was told definitively 3 or 4 times that the tickets were paid. Lies, all lies. This is the part I don't get. Did she think I wouldn't find out? That the state would forget about it? I finally HAD to pay the $100 for the tickets because the Denver Traffic Bureau was threatening legal action and getting ready to send the ticket to collections. Yeah, itís a true friend that will knowingly ruin your financial stability. (Sorry for all the passive voice in this paragraph, Iím trying not to mention names)

So, I talked to one of the girls, the one that wasnít lying to me, and after work on September 8th, I picked up all of my stuff. "My stuff" here defined as things I bought over the last two years so that the band could continue. Hereís what I brought home:

35-watt Peavey guitar amp
350-watt SWR bass amp
4 x 10in SWR bass cabinet
2 Behrenger 300 watt powered speakers (P.A.)
2 speaker stands (for the P.A. speakers)
Peavey RQ-200 6-channel mixing board
1 mic stand
2 guitar cords

Thatís a lot isnít it? Is it clear that I really believed in this band? Like I said, I wouldíve done ANYTHING for the girls and the band. So why did I get fucked over? I canít answer that question. I guess my generosity was such that it was perceived that I was made of money; my willingness to invest was expected and no longer voluntary. I donít know. Whatever. What I do know is that there was no cause to lie to me. Funny, Iím not really even mad about it. I just feel so betrayed. Not only did I lose a band that I truly love, I lost trust in someone that I truly loved also. I was used. Goddamn that sucks. The girl who was lying to me hasnít talked to me about it yet, but she did write me a note of apologyÖ And no, she's not into drugs. Her partner would know.

On a happier note, 6 days after I left Lickiní Lolli, I auditioned for a different band called The Bad Directions, and got the job. I found out them through my very dear friend David Derby. Not only is David a wonderful, sweet, great human being, he's also a fantastic drummer. His shoulder is all messed up though, and heís getting surgery next month, so heís out of the music biz for upwards of 4 months. Anyway, he was drumming for The Bad Directions, and recommended me to the guys in the band as a replacement.

The audition was fun. I had a copy of their songs, which I listened to incessantly. On Wednesday, the day of the audition, I picked 3 songs out and learned them. This music is something Iíve never done before, itís a kind of speed-country type of thing, youíll have to listen to it to understand. Itíll be REALLY good for my chops too, because Iíll be doing a whole bunch of really fast train-rolliní, shuffliní country beats. Itís hard work, but Iíll be the better player for it.

Iím excited about the new band. Itís a genre of music that I never really explored. Itíll open a new avenue in my repertoire. I really like Bradley and Dan (the other two guys in the band) too. They were totally cool with me in the audition, and theyíre both great musicians to boot. (Country pun!)

Well kids, the show must go on. Even though I know I'll be alright and I have a new band now, it really hurts me to think that Lickin' Lolli is done.

Keep it real, Dog.

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Jefe - 2005-09-19 14:05:58
GGGGrrrrr... Damn man! I'm really sorry to hear about that. That is some hide chappin' crap for sure. There are a lot of users and losers and people you can't depend on out there. It just really sucks when it turns out to be someone that you dearly care about and see the potential in. Anyway, be sure to let everyone know about your new band's gigs. Take er easy dude--I know that you will.
David - 2005-09-19 17:01:25
Tim, although I will greatly miss playing with The Bad Directions, I could not be happier for you and for them as they are getting a top notch musician to carry them on!! Ya got skillz to pay the billz and I wish you nothing but the best my friend!!! Peace and Blessing! David "D2" Derby
Anna Lang - 2005-09-20 11:41:36
Honey. Tim, you know that anyone who even remotely cares about you is a huge fan of yours. I believe in you, my dear. As much as that totally sucks (and it does), with people being like that there was a limited shelf life on the success they will have, and you by proxy in that situation. You learned a lot, and I am so proud of you. You are so awesome, and your new band is totall lucky to have you. (Thanks David.) (I hope you gig in December. :)
Ann - 2005-09-20 11:45:41
Well, dang it. Don't let your big heart close up over this sad event. For sure don't blame yourself. I'm really glad you've got another home for your talent. Let that be the focus!
Tari - 2005-09-21 06:20:06
Life will always throw these kinds of lessons at you. Take them to heart, but don't let them harden you. Real friends will always stand behind you when life has a curve.
Bob - 2005-09-21 07:41:17
Tim, I am pleased to know that you are a man who can walk away from a situation like this. I am the type who would probably get a little pay back, with interest and a give out a lesson about (insert inappropriate gerund phrase here) your friends over. Youíre a good guy and the generosity you give us (your real friends) is more valuable than simply money and favors. You give us laughter, wisdom and openness. These are the things that true friends need. Lots of love my friend.
Glenn Ingle - 2005-09-22 15:48:02
Hi Tim I am really sorry to hear about your band. You know al of the other. Anyway, give me a call when you're on the road. Glenn
Sarah - 2005-09-22 17:33:31
Fuck em' anyway! Yeah I'm the bitch to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -sorry Tim

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