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2010-04-13 — 6:04 p.m.

Is there a race for the cure to stupidity? Damn.

You know what I think is stupid? All of these “March to End Breast Cancer” and Bike to Create a world free of MS” events. I understand raising funds for research, it’s important. Without the science and medicines that we have today, the world would be a lot younger place from a demographic perspective, since something as simple as the sinus infections that I get 2 or 3 times a year could kill you.

It’s the pomp and circumstance of all these walks and rides that I don’t get. The money that they spend generating posters, T-shirts, and other worthless swag could actually be used to fund research! Wow! And seriously, if I want to donate 50 bucks, I’ll donate 50 bucks. What the fuck do I care that someone walked for 3 days or rode a bike 150 miles? How the hell is riding or walking going to help a scientist/doctor? A: It’s not. It’s bullshit. I don’t care how far you ride your bike, the only thing you’re going to do is get thinner and get flat tires.

The walk is the same deal.

Now for some reason, these events have corporate sponsors. I think therein lies the crux of this horseshit. Companies need write-offs, and sending money to a charity or to research medicine universities doesn’t show the world just how wonderful, caring, loving, and overall awesome the sponsors are. These are the beautiful benefactors of this whole charade, who can’t –in good conscience – donate to an organization or charity without the advertising.

In the MS bike, one of the sponsors is Halliburton. You know, assholes, it’s going to take a lot more than an MS ride sponsorship to make people forget how many you fucked out of their retirements.

“Oh, you heartless bastard!” Some of you are saying. “These walks and rides bring people together! Some are survivors or have lost loved ones to ! How can you disparage something that does so much good!” Well, it’s like this: Misery loves company, pure and simple. All the brave and courageous stories about victims and survivors, is really touching I suppose, but why do you want 3000 people bringing you down? Oh, my came down with in and we went to specialists and clinics, and [he/she] was so brave. [He/She] lost so much weight and the treatments were horrible and they were nauseous all the time and this one time I saw blood in [his/her] bed and then after [he/she] just couldn’t fight it anymore and God took [him/her] home. God? Nice of him to torture the poor fucker for first. What a sadistic prick!

How many of these stories do you want to hear in 3 days while you’re hoping you can make it to the next shitter? How much good does it do? This 150 mile bike ride is NOT going to create a world free of MS. Now don’t get me wrong, I want you to raise money for MS, please! But don’t misrepresent it like this. The medical industry will find a cure for MS or they will not. Autosomal disorders like this are really difficult to find causal factors for. Cancer too. So much of cancer is just basic genetics. My grandfather smoked for 50 years and died at 82. (not cancer related) My friend Mary Anne never smoked in her life and died of lung cancer at 42. You know what 3 days of walking to “cure” cancer is going to do for you? Probably either give you, or significantly contribute to, your now increased risk of skin cancer. Thanks for the bright idea, Susan G. Komen!

Please support medical research for whatever disease or condition means the most to you. Send your money where it will do the most good, rather than to buy t-shirts, posters, and give away a bunch of bullshit free advertising for a lot of companies whose medical insurance would drop you like a hot fucking potato if you actually were afflicted with one of these diseases they “support”.

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Stephanie - 2010-08-20 05:21:00
Interesting- I see your point especially about the ridiculous amount of money that goes toward marketing these events. Yes, of course it would be better to simply donate to the cause but Americans are extremely spoiled and need/want a lot to stimulus even in events that are supposedly for a good cause. But, I must say...if you have never participated in one of these events and felt the energy of life facilitated, than you are missing out. I would say there is more good for the participant than probably the cause. We all need something to make us feel alive and this might be it for some. Here is what makes me angry... I would like to draw your attention to another waste of in our society...Disneyland. Individuals spend hundreds of dollars on artificial temporary, entertainment. I was sickened on the cost of admission/food - let's pretend "in our happy place" that the economy is fine and we have an end less cash flow through the use of credit cards (crap). People can't donate to good causes because they are donating to frickin' Disneyland - that is what is bull shit. Just think about the children that could be helped in 3rd world countries from all the overspending at this place. The worst is...Children need to be out in nature and developing natural creativity not being over stimulated by artificial means and walking about like a robot. Parents are training their kids to need and want this. Parents needs to interact with their children and not rely on Mickey Mouse to entertain and babysit them. What a waste of time, energy and money. There is distortion everywhere! TV is another subject that I shall elaborate on at another time.
Stevie - 2010-08-21 04:14:24
"Oh, my Came down with in and we went to specialists and clinics, and [he/she] was so brave. [He/She] lost so much weight and the treatments were horrible and they were nauseous all the time and this one time I saw blood in [his/her] bed and then after [he/she] just couldn’t fight it anymore and God took [him/her] home. God? Nice of him to torture the poor fucker for first. What a sadistic prick!" Religion is certainly not always a safe topic among friends but here goes my old romantic friend... This bothered me when I first read it but after thinking about it for a while I realized there is an acknowledgment "of God" from the writer himself. It certainly doesn't sound like he likes God but the awareness is still apparent. So, maybe not atheist but agnostic?
zenayda - 2010-09-13 21:40:52
Actually, the swag is usually donated. The companies that make it get a nice write-off for the charitable sponsorship, etc.

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