Anna - 2009-01-07 00:32:16
Aw Tim, you're such a sweetie. Write more, you lazy fuck. xx
Elizabeth McClung - 2009-01-08 04:59:23
This was a very interesting account, and I have done some rather odd things in rentals, usually off roading or moonshine turns and such but now they don't let me drive because I can't feel my feet (I said, "I will watch the other cars, flow of traffic and all!") - but someone sure loves you to get you a real meteorite, wow. That's cool. And a knife. Which is a sort of scary present the more you think about it. Guy in knife shop: "Yeah that one, it will make my friend REALLY happy!" My big regret was not buying one of those freaky wooden handled kitchen chopping knives in Kyoto earlier this year, they were expensive (like over $100 each) but wow, water wave blade and probably good for taking off heads.....of lettuce, that's what I meant, and chopping, um, carrots. Still you are a lucky person when someone loves you enough to give you a meteorite.

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