Jessica - 2010-09-22 01:17:22
As always, I love your entries, but I have to say my favorites this time were the following: You changed the fish tank filter together You used the word "peccadilloes" You are contemplating taking over a plane with a wireless mouse! :p
Stevie - 2010-10-05 19:23:56
Enjoyed reading this entry and the detailed writing and perception of spending time with others/family. First time at a demolition derby - WOW! Luv this..."but I’ve always been able to get along with everyone. I know that every person has their own issues, secrets, peccadilloes, idiosyncracies, and the like. I accept them – they’re my family! – and just don’t hold grudges. I wish that this attitude went out to everyone, but alas, it does not." Hope there is not any awkwardness after 23ish years. (Just another one of your fans)

Speak! Good Dog!

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