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2006-02-28 — 3:31 p.m.

Dumb things and 70

Dumb things I’ve seen recently:

I was on the way to work a week or two, and I was at a red light right behind the short bus. You know about the short bus, right? Yeah, it’s the one that takes the ‘special’ kids to and from school. Anyway, prominently displayed on the driver’s side black bumper was a 5-6 inch sticker.

This particular sticker was elliptical in shape, black, and had a thick white border, as well as a white line of double thickness running horizontally across the center of the sticker. The remaining black hemispheres had the longitude/latitude lines, giving it that global feel. In the white portion on the top half, it read: “The Safety People”. The bottom half though, had these two words: “Electric Retarders”. Does it seem wrong to have this on a short bus?

A different day, I was on the freeway and there was one of those electronic LED signs in front of a lighting store. It scrolls through different messages, but when it first caught my attention it said “HURRY!” then in the next frame it said “We Do Lamp Repairs”. I’m not sure why I have to hurry because the fix lights, but whatever.

In other news, when I wrote last time about the flight to Las Vegas, I believed that I mentioned my Father’s birthday. Yep, dear old Dad turned 70. This is a milestone birthday, because no male on his side of the family has ever seen 70. His own father died at 66 years old. In fact, it was December 5th, 1979 that he died. I remember because his funeral was on my 10th birthday. I tried hard to be upset and to be sad; I knew that I was supposed to be. The fact is though that we were never close and I didn’t really feel the loss too acutely.

My parents live about 110 miles from LV in the lovely little town of Kingman, AZ. Dad designed and supervised the construction of an awesome house there, which is on a 6-acre plot overlooking the Hualapi valley. He is also a director on the board for the Fire Department. I’m so proud of him.

Dad was a career firefighter in southern California, and I can’t even tell you how many holiday dinners we had at the station because Dad had to work. I used to spend what seemed like hours climbing around on the fire engines, looking in all of the compartments, etc. It was so cool. It’s the reason that I was a firefighter/EMT here in Colorado for 3 years. I had always considered it as a career too, but when I was in it would have been a 30% pay cut for me to quit my day job, so I never really pursued it.

We had a great time hanging out together. My sister even drove out from central California, and we all got good and toasty. Later this year, my grandmother is turning 90, and my other sister and brother will be joining us too. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Liz - 2006-03-01 08:45:16
Your "other sister"? Hey baby I am THE cool sister, don't forget it! He he he

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