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2005-10-14 ó

Gig with Elana

Another gig.

Last night I played a show with Elana Rogers. Elana is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX, who moved here to Denver a few years ago. My dear friend David Derby, who Iíve mentioned before, put me in touch with her (or her in touch with me, actually) because she was looking for a drummer. When we finally did contact each other, she had already found a drummer for her band, but she needed someone to fill in for this show she had booked. Her new drummer is out of town or something.

Anyway, she told me it was an important gig and would really appreciate having me do it. So, I learned her music and a few covers for a total of 12 songs. At this time I was also learning the songs in my new band, so Iíve been BUSY with music the last few weeks! Her music though is really good. Itís got a lot of subtlety (what a strange word!) to it, a lot of stops, and some really cool beats and grooves.

I had a crappy quality but functional live recording of her from her CD release party this spring, which fortunately had all of the song but one on it. There were some fun covers, including: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, Meet You in the Tower, by OURS, Drugs Donít Work by The Verve, and You May be Right, by Billy Joel. The Peter Gabriel version is not my favorite, but I put down an interesting groove for it, very toms-driven, and it added something to it IMHO.

In other news, the band that Iím in, The Bad Directions, is moving along well. Iím very comfortable with the music (read as I know the changes), I like it, and itís fun besides. Itís also good for my technique since itís a very snare-driven type of music. Weíre doing a CD release party show next Friday, 10/21, at the Soiled Dove in Denver, which is a great venue. Iíve seen some great shows there and Iíve always wanted to play there, so here we go!

This seems like a lame entry, but itís all I got right now. Peace out, yo!

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