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2008-05-22 ó

Back to work - and back in touch

Well after having 2 weeks off Iím back in Madison. Two weeks off was nice, and there was a lot that I needed to get done. I really needed to get a new passport, since Iím going back to Canada this year for my fishing trip. Itíll be awesome. Hopefully I wonít have the trouble that I had last time, though.

Beyond the passport, I needed to get the puss to the vet, visit with my friend Kevin to get a new pen made, go to Bass Pro Shops to get a new rod and reel for my fishing trip this summer, drink lots of beer at Left hand Brewery, visit with friends, do yard work, laundry, clean out the cat boxes, get the camper ready for a weekend camping adventure, sit around and geek out on World of Warcraft for hours at a time, oh, and get a sinus infection and be sick for a week. That was my favorite part.

So itís good to be back to work and a lot has changed in the two weeks that I had off. Itís amazing what can be done in that time. Oh, and Smelly Kelly got laid off. Bugger.

In two more weeks, I wonít be going home. I got an invitation to a high school graduation party for a lovely young woman named Melissa, who lives in the north east part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. Melissa is the daughter of Chuck and Robin, who were some of my very dearest friends in the Navy. I just found out about this graduation thing on Saturday, and I'm really excited because Chuck and Robin were stationed in Italy with me, and I had a lot of great times with them. Chuck and I took a trip to Paris together, Greece, Egypt, Spain - shit, we were inseparable. They even got stationed in Southern California afterwards and became really good friends with my parents. Chuck and I put in my dad's kitchen floor.

We lost touch after I moved to Colorado, and though Chuck and Robin eventually split, they live within a few miles of each other and Iíll be able to spend the whole weekend there. Itís a 9-hour drive from Madison, but what the hell, right? I havenít seen them in over 12 years! Melissa was 5 when I saw her last, and their other daughter, Krystal, was 13 or so. Well, sheís 25 now. Jesus fucking christ how does this happen.

I talked to Chuck for well over 2 hours last night, and just hearing his voice warms my heart like I canít even tell you. We had some things to discuss, but in all actuality Ė like it is with true friendship Ė it was like no time had passed. I realized also that his absence from my life really had left a void in me. I will never lose touch with him again. We shared so much, and we really were there for each other during some really good and bad times in our lives. *sigh*

Iím very happy right now.

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