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2008-11-07 ó 8:03 a.m.

On the road again

Ho down

Iím done with Kansas City. After deciding not even 3 weeks ago to take a permanent position with the company that Iíve been subcontracting for since February, things have changed. I made this decision for many reasons. The economy is fucked, I want to get paid when I am sick and take vacation, and this company has treated me like gold since the beginning and is the best company that I have ever worked for.

They had been trying to hire me since May besides, and I finally went to them and said that I wanted to hire on. So I did. 13 days later, I was informed that I would be taking over a project in Post Falls, Idaho. WTF? Idaho? I looked up where it is, and itís just over the border from Spokane, Washington, WAAAAAAAAYYYYY up in the smokestack of the state. Wow.

Here I was secretly congratulating myself because I didnít have to winter in Wisconsin, because of the cryogenic nature of the nether seasons there, then this. BRRRR. On the plus side, the singer from my old band, Lickiní Lolli (who now sings with Hellís Belles and Witchburn) lives in Seattle, which is a 4-hour drive. My best friend in the world, Christian, whom Iíve known since 1st grade lives in Portland, which is a 6-hour drive, and I also have my Canadian friends in Vancouver, Nelson, Edmonton, and Calgary to think of, all of which are really close by. Nelson is the only place I would likely drive to though, as itís only about 3 hours away, and my buddy there, Jay, has thrown down the Cribbage gauntlet. Game on.

Beyond that, Iíll be a supervisor in Idaho, and in charge of the project. My new title is Project Lead, and I will be, literally. 2 weeks after being hired, and they give me my own project. Iím flattered and humbled by their faith and confidence in me. I feel that Iím finally getting the recognition that I deserve in my career, and I know that the job is not beyond my skill level. Still, itís pretty cool.

Itís a bit bittersweet though, as leaving any project after 4 months is, however, because Iíve made some good friends here, and Iíve had so much fun. There are people here that I will miss so much. Will we keep in touch? Well, of course. Itís just different seeing someone all the time then suddenly not seeing them, you know?

Well thatís it for now, I just wanted to catch you up. Cheers!

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Anna - 2008-11-07 15:43:54
Congratulations! It's impossible to get my head round the idea of a three hour drive being 'close' - makes NO sense x

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