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2008-08-11 ó 1:53 p.m.

Kansas City

Well, Iíve become a globetrotter again. Iím back in Kansas City. Back you say? WTF? Yeah, well, thatís whatís going on. See the beginning. Hereís the poop: The Wisconsin job sort of slowed down a bit, due to a fucking vadge of a client. Just one guy who has been a boil on our collective arse from the beginning of the project. The company needed some help here in KC, and since I prefer to be paid, I showed up. Again. At least the weather is nice this time. I was here 3 weeks ago and fuck, it was hot. It was over 100 on Sunday, Monday, and Friday the last time. On the bright side, there were no mosquitoes.

After that I took a week off while my daughter was visiting, then spent a week visiting Cranberry Township (just north of Pittsburgh), came home long enough to kiss The Girl and grow a nice zit next to my nose, then it was back to Kansas City for another week. Holy shit.

I should probably catch you all up, as I havenít made any time for this accursed blog (that I love so much) in months. Iím sorry. I still love all 3 of you, Iíve just been lazy and havenít made the time. I do owe you all several entries as Iíve had some amazing things going on, including a long overdue reunion with my Navy buddy Chuck back in June, my visit with my daughter, various trips, a guest blog from GolfWidow, and an up-and-coming big blog on the origin of the Universe. The latter is another conversational blog between me and Bill, whom you will remember from our source of morality discussion from last year. This one is much bigger though (pun intended) and is likely a few months off, so youíve got that to look forward too.

Did I mention that next week Iíll be in Los Angeles?

Well, I donít have time to catch up on all of the aforementioned topics right now, I just wanted to let you know that I havenít forgotten you. Cheers and Iíll type to you soon. Swear.

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stepfordtart - 2008-08-11 19:47:17
"fucking vadge" is always a good way to describe clients. I have 1543 clients and that pretty much sums up about 1526 of them. I'd like to hear more about your big zit, too, please. s x
Dan - 2008-08-18 13:12:38
Welcome back to the blogosphere, TJ. You were sorely missed.

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