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2006-10-13 ó

Have a drink?

I was in a discussion at lunch today with my coworkers, and the topic of liquor and liquor stores came up. Where I grew up in Southern California, one could buy beer, wine, and liquor at supermarkets. Every one of them had a liquor section, some of which were quite sizeable. My coworker from Pennsylvania said that for beer and wine you had to go to one store, but the liquor had to be sold from a state-run store. WTF? I mean, I know they have to take their cut from the sale, but thatís pretty lame.

I went to visit a friend and old band mate during Easter, who lives in Kansas. In Kansas, it was beer, wine, and booze in the same store, but you couldnít buy cigarettes or anything like that. You had to go across the street to the Ďconvenienceí store. Shit. Who makes up these fucking laws?

I live in Colorado, which you wouldnít think was in the bible belt, but in the grand scheme of things, itís fucking podunk. Case in point: You can buy 3.2 beer and wine coolers at the supermarket, but if you want beer and wine, you have to go to the liquor store. No big deal, right? But hereís the thing: Liquor stores are not open on Sunday. Why? Because itís against the law. *shakes head in disgust*

What is with these fucking people? Didnít jesus turn water into wine you ignorant fucktards?

I have to ask myself where the logic is in this, and I always come up empty. Let me break it down for you:

1. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state, therefore to pass a law banning the sale of liquor based on a religious bias is not only self-righteous and fucked up, itís also illegal.

2. Drinking and driving is also illegal.

3. Bars are open on Sunday

4. Restaurants that serve alcohol are open on Sunday

5. Therefore you can drink while youíre out on Sunday, but you canít buy liquor to drink at home.

6. Jesus wants you to praise his name by driving drunk and killing or maiming his followers, not by picking up a bottle on the way home and getting tanked while youíre enjoying the game.

7. I love hypocrisy.

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Al - 2006-10-16 16:36:19
Here here. Get me a drink. Wait, its Sunday? Fuck this shit. I am moving to Kuwait, where its easier to get a fucking beer.

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