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2007-10-29 ó 2:09 p.m.

Need a housekeeper?

Shit. Fuck. Shitfuck. Well, put whatever colorful expletive on it that you like. The fact remains that last Tuesday, I got laid off. Well, sort of. You see, I work for a consulting company and what I do is very specialized. My company does a wide array of things, but I only do validation, which Iíve written about before.

The long and short of it is, my company has run out of validation clients and I donít really know how to do anything else there. There is another client that my company has I couldíve worked at, but the project lead doesnít like me because when I was working there before, I was always asking him why we had to do this or that. I was looking for understanding, but he thought I wasnít respecting his authorita [/cartman] so I canít work there because he doesnít want me to. Word is heís a control freak asshole that only gets along with the new employees fresh out of college anyway, so fuck him. Oh, hell. He was probably just mad because I had several other projects going and couldn't give his project my full attention. Plus, I got pulled back by my boss at least twice for 3 or 4 days because she needed me to work with another client. Maybe he thinks that was my fault too. The rest of this paragraph notwithstanding, the truth is I'm not really even upset about it.

So, Iím in California now working on a freezer, and after Iím done with it, Iím selling off the last of my vacation time, and Iím out of a job. Wow. My boss was cool about it though and I could tell that she felt bad, but without clients, Iíve got no billable hours. Without billable hours, Iíve got no job. Itís not her fault; itís the nature of the beast. Truth be told, Iíve be doing validation for 7 years now and Iím sick of it anyway, which is why I'm not mad at that guy I spoke of earlier. I think itís time for me to find something that I enjoy doing. At least I got 2 weeks notice.

Of course, Iíd have rather hit the job market in my own time. That is, I prefer to look for a job while I still have one. But these things happen, and this sudden change in status isnít putting me in any financial hardship right now, so Iíve got that going for me. Iím thinking about pursuing a job in sales. Iíd have to start at the bottom, but if Iím good at it the blow to the wallet would only be temporary.

Why sales? Well, Iíve had a number of people tell me over the years that I would be good at sales, and how come Iím not in sales? And I canít believe youíre not in sales! Iíve just got that kind of personality. Iím good with names, Iím personable, I can usually find something in common with anyone, I like to be on the phone, and Iím a talker, oh boy, am I a talker. Now thatís not to say that itís banal chatter, Iím not someone who rattles on incessantly so that one can never get a word in edgewise. I fucking HATE those people. No, Iím also a very good listener. I suppose itís more accurate to say that Iím a conversationalist.

So, now I have to wait and see. Thanks to, which is responsible for my last two job changes (both of which were nice increases in salary), I have submitted several rťsumťs thus far Ė for local jobs. Iíll keep looking, of course, and I always have validation to fall back on, I suppose. With validation comes travel though, and it might be nice to stay home for a while. Iím also hoping to find something close to home, as Iíve been commuting 40 miles one way to work for the last 3 years.

Wish me luck!

Update 11/7/07

Life is strange.

So I showed up at the office today to pack up my cube, turn in my computer and the like. While I was sitting with my boss and the HR lady, my boss says, "TJ, would you be willing to do some 1099 contract work for us? I have a few things that came up from some clients blahdy blah."

Since I haven't found another job yet, I happily said yes. She told me to keep my laptop and my work email account will stay open. Oh, and I get 25% more money. Woohoo!

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Al - 2007-10-30 08:17:09
Shit. Good Luck. I would buy shit from you.

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