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2008-02-27 ó 11:00 p.m.

Up in the glaciers

So much has happened since I last updated, please forgive this, which I believe is my longest lapse ever. You see, after getting fucked by that guy at my last company Ė he basically black balled me Ė I had a really hard time finding work. Several things were working against me. 1), it was near the end of the year and no one had a budget. 2), Even though my old boss was nice and threw me a bone occasionally, the work was so sporadic that it didnít even amount to anything except some occasional drinking money, and 3) a previous company that I worked for had a major round of layoffs only a month before I got laid off, and that basically saturated the market in my industry. Finally, 4) though I had grand plans to start a new career in sales, Iíve no experience in it, and no one would give me the time of day.

So what I should have done is file for unemployment right away. But having never been unemployed for more than 2 weeks in my life, and having also a good amount in savings, I didnít do it. Iíll be honest too; I was too fucking proud (stupid) to file right away. Iím no loser right? This is where you agree. Now, I know that we all pay into it and it was mine by rights, but since I had a few paychecks in the bank and was optimistic (stupid) that I could get a job in a short time (stupid) and that the contract work that my previous company was giving me was going to keep me going for a while (stupid, stupid).

So anyway, after several unsuccessful job interviews, I landed another consulting gig in Madison, Wisconsin. Whatís cool about this situation is that my sister, Liz, who all 3 of you who are my avid readers are familiar with, lives in the Madison area. I actually really like Madison. The job is a Validation gig, which is what I know, and itís a plant that being built, which is an experience that I havenít had in a good many years. Itís loads of fun though, because every day new things are added and itís a new job every time I go to work as a result.

More than this, itís good money, and I get to go home every weekend, which is very nice. Itís hard to travel so much but for a travelling guy like me, itís the best of both worlds, as it were.

There are some great people here, including my direct coworker, Christine (a Minnesotan), and also the weld inspector, Stephen, who is from England. Iíve always gotten along very well with Brits anyways, and this guy is just the catís ass. Heís teaching me all sorts of Cockney rhyming slang too, which is always nice to throw out when you have to go for a Tom.

Iíll have loads more to tell, but I just wanted to give you all something to chew on now, since itís been about 27 years since Iíve updated the diary. Again, let me apologize for the lapse but while I wasnít working, I was really uninspired and a bit despondent. More to come soon, I promise. Even though itís colder than a polar bearís arse here in WI, things are looking up for me and I have a good bunch of folks that I work with. More to come very, very soon Ė I promise.

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golfwidow - 2008-02-28 08:52:43
I'm recently laid off myself. I'm in hell.

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