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2005-10-11 ó

Some things don't mix

Some things donít mix

Bacardi* and Lowenbrau
Tequila and cookies
High speed and icy roads
High gas prices and my wallet
Orange juice and toothpaste
Any juice and toothpaste
Any juice served with pancakes/waffles/French toast
Hot soup and chilled fruit, eaten quickly (Oh my aching teeth!)
Beer and strawberry shortcake
Astonomy (facts) and astrology (absolute bullshit)
Spiders and my piece of mind
Any vodka with any cola *shudder*
Weight lifting and a bad rotator cuff
Laziness and chores
Teenagers and motivation
Me and religion (any)
Satiation and bland food (BORING)
Any juice and whiskey (except as a garnish like lemon w/a diet coke/pepsi)
Drunks, kids, and airplanes
Slow drivers in the left lane and moderate traffic. AARRGGHH!!
High fiber foods and a long drive

Scotch and cheesecake**
Feng shui and legitimate interior design

*Bacardi dark rum. Yes, there was once a mix incident. A mixident. The aforementioned incident has nothing to do with why I donít like Bacardi; I donít hold grudges against booze. I just donít like it.
**This mix led to my brother puking out the window of my parents' station wagon while we were on the freeway. The 'wood' side panels were never the same after that.

That's all I can think of right now, how about you? Well? Leave me a comment!

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Glenn - 2005-10-20 21:58:36
LOL, I love it. I personally think that Bacardi should be put in plastic bottles to keep from fooling that novice New Years Eve drinker from mistaking it for real liquor. However, I have to say the "Get the job done" motto does that pretty well. Tim I suppose you don't remember what I did working in the bake shop on our ship. I hope not anyway. Sometimes, when I was in a hurry to get to work, I'd forget the menu and just put it out. One day I came in like that and couldn't smell what was cooking. I took a sheet of yellow cake and poured one of those gallon cans of strawberries all over it. Then I cut in 3x3 squares, slapped them into dessert dishes, a dollop of whipped cream and their in the dessert curio. Well, If I had looked at the menu, I would have realized that all that effort didn't need to go into serving cornbread. Interestingly enough, no one complained. I guess you didn't get any.

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