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2008-12-05 ó 12:03 p.m.

Peter Pan

Lately Iíve been listening incessantly to a band from the UK called Marillion. Though theyíve been around for a long time and Iíve known about them for 20 years, I only really started to listen and get into them recently Ė about a year and a half ago Ė thanks to my friend Don. Heís the same guy that turned me onto Porcupine Tree, so you know that heís got seriously great taste in music.

Anyway, Steve Hogarth, the singer from Marillion is a brilliant songwriter and in 2004 he wrote a song called ďNeverlandĒ which I have been listening to nearly non-stop of late. As you would divine from the title, itís a Peter Pan song. This one is a Peter Pan Love song. Donít let that put you off though just because itís based on a childrenís story. Itís a song that expresses so much longing, yearning, and love itís just heartbreaking. Seriously, thereís no other word for it other than brilliant. You can actually listen to or download the song here if youíre curious and the lyrics can be found here if youíre even more curious.

As one would expect from all of this implied Peter Pan, love, flying, and music going through my head for the last week, I was inspired last night to write my own lyrics - with a slight twist.

In my Neverland story, thereís a back story. Peter actually loves the Indian girl, Tigerlily, and though he still went off to London and met Wendy, his love for Tigerlily was what brought him back. Now he has trouble finding his happy thoughts when he is away from her, Tinkerbell is gone, and his desperate love for his Indian girl is all that keeps him from despair. There are, admittedly, many tips of the hat to Steve Hogarth's images in here, but what the heck. I still like it. See what you think:

Happy Thoughts

When I feel so low, so grounded
Dark and chained, trapped and mortal
I hear your voice, see your smile
And like a distant star, the darkness breaks,
Bit by bit

They say that you need happy thoughts to fly
But lately, without you, those are so hard to come by
Come back to me now, itís not the same

So much time, so many lies, until you
You found my soul and together we flew
Magic, I took for granted until I felt it for real,
Knew what it really was to feel

They say that you need happy thoughts to fly
But lately, without you, those are so hard to come by
Come back to me love, itís not the same

Neverland was always where I should have stayed
London was fun when I went out and played,
But I was just being foolish; silly
You were my love, my Tigerlily

They say that you need happy thoughts to fly
But lately, without you, those are so hard to come by
Let me rescue you again, let me be someone

I used to think I was special, until you were gone
Now it seems that I was just a storybook pawn
Flying to and fro, trying to find my place
Longing, yearning for the next time Iíd see your face

I can fly, I can fly! I swear I can fly again
I hear your voice, I feel it and can almost then
But I canít free the hooks unless youíre with me
Come back to me, my Tigerlily

They say that you need happy thoughts to fly
But lately those are so hard to come by
All I hear is the tick tock of the clock

And I wonder where Tink went when I need her the most.

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stepfordtart - 2008-12-07 15:27:20
"venus de styl-o" *snorts whisky out of nose*. Thanks for that. s x

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