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2008-09-15 ó 9:16 p.m.

Richard Wright R.I.P.

Iím sad. So very sad, words nearly escape me. I just read that Richard Wright, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd died today of cancer. Bugger. Iíve literally been listening to Pink Floyd for my whole life thanks to the influence of my older brother, Carl, who had good taste in music.

Fuck cancer.

I suppose the lord (who works in mysterious ways, after all) had a reason for inventing this incredibly virulent disease Ė or any disease for that matter Ė to kill off all of his children that the holy men tell us ad nauseum that he loves so much, but for fuckís sake already. Hasnít it killed enough people already? Isnít your fucking toll road paid for yet?

For those of you who know and love Pink Floyd, Iím sure youíre sad with me. For those that donít know Pink Floydís music, Iím sorry. Youíve missed out on decades of great memories. They were great with Roger Waters (who is a musical genius, but somehow was shite without the band. Hmm.), they were great without him, but Richard Wrightís keyboards were so sublime, soÖintegral to the sound, presence, power, relevance, and meaning of the band, that I canít stand the fact that heís gone.

If I cry into the keyboard of this fucking Hateway and short circuit the goddamn thing, it will be poetic justice. Who could imagine a song like Shine on Crazy Diamond without Richard Wright? Oh, I know how good the guitar is, David Gilmour had the voice and guitar to add, but how many voices did Richardís keyboard have?

Itís not like they were even still making music, I mean fuck, he was 65 years old. Iím not sad because of the things that we may have missed; the music that he could have made if he hadnít died so young. Itís not like that. Itís just not fair that someone who gave so much joy Ė that moved so many- couldnít have died peacefully of old age. The same happened to George Harrison and I was sad for him too, but not nearly as much since the Beatles never meant a gob of spit to me like Pink Floyd did.

Fuck cancer.

Who invented this stuff? Oh, thatís right. It was god. How nice of him.

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stepfordtart - 2008-09-16 18:05:39
Amen to that! s x
Dan - 2008-09-19 12:47:39
I saw the news ,too, TJ. I was devastated when I heard. He was really the glue that held one of the greatest bands of all time together. In a group that has changed more than most since they started up, he and Nick Mason were the only two remaining original members. Richard Wright was the perfect middle man. He channeled Syd's madness into the masterpiece that is "Astronomy Domine", and he was the buffer between the volatile Waters and Gilmour. Like Waters, his solo attempt was pretty much crap, but nobody can deny that "Time" and "Echoes" are two of the greatest rock compositions of all time. I'm glad I got to see them at Soldier Field in the 90's when I had the chance. As sad as the news was, I must admit that one good thing that came of it was that it lit the Pink Floyd fire inside me again that had gone dormant for a while. I've been listening to the great old records that people don't give enough credit to like "Meddle", "Piper", and "Obscured by Clouds." Beautiful... So long, Richard, and thanks.
Dan - 2008-09-19 12:50:33
Sorry, I misspelled the link in my tag. This one should be correct. Not that it needed to be corrected, but that's just how anal I am...

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