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2006-04-19 —

Stupid nicknames and pro-life

Jesus christ, that's enough already. I'm sure all you media pricks think it's terribly clever to make contractions out of couples' names but get the hell over it. Now.

TomKat? Brangelina? Are you fucking serious? Are you so lazy that Ben and Jennifer is too much for you to type/say? It's two goddamned syllables asshole! Bennifer! Holy shit. What are you going to call the kid? Joliett? Kiss my ass.


There's another group that can kiss my ass too. Pro-lifers. I saw a red Grand-Am last week that had two bumper stickers about this. The one on the left proclaimed "Equal Rights for Unborn Women!" The one on the right had a rippling American flag on the left quarter, then demanded: "Defend the Helpless! Please Vote Pro-Life!"

If that wasn't enough of an affront to anyone with two brains cells to rub together, these stickers were red, white, and blue, which imply that if you're opposed then you can't be American. These subtle and not-so-subtle appeals to the patriotic masses really piss me off. I was surprised to see pro-life stickers on a woman’s car – that is, until I saw the cross dangling from her rear view mirror. Now that religion is so ingrained into our government, this topic becomes even more controversial.

Hey Pro-lifers! Can you hear me? Who is going to support all of theses kids you’re ‘saving’ by putting your nose where it doesn’t belong? Who is going to provide them a good life? Hey, if you’re volunteering, that’s great and god bless you, but don’t make me fucking pay for it. No, don’t even start with that adoption shit. Adopted kids have life-long guilt/anger about it, and that can cause a lot of emotional issues.

Pro-life is bullshit. Having a child can cause all sorts of problems, blemishes, and can also pose serious health risks even to young, healthy mothers. What about if the kid is born with Down’s syndrome or some other genetic disorder? Who’s going to adopt the child then? You?

Bottom line: Practice it if you want, but leave everyone else the fuck out of it. YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT to tell women what or what not to do with their bodies, regardless of what you believe in. You have even less right to try influence the government and get laws passed that agree with you. Fuck you.

You want a bumper sticker that I approve of?

I Practice Pro-Life

There, was that so hard? This one doesn’t try to get me to change my opinion or vote for something that’s none of my business. Therefore, thumbs up. PLEASE have an opinion. Please DO NOT try to force it on others.

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