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2008-04-28 —

Prom Week Begins!

So this week is blogger’s prom week Thanks to Sonia, (see the nice button on the left, and today is about great prom songs. As many of you know, Prom for me was in 1987, which was big hair and big ballads. Scorpions were big, Steve Winwood was big, and as many, many of you have pointed out, my date’s breasts were big.

The official theme song of our 1987 prom was the panty-moistening favorite, “The Search is Over” by Survivor. What comes to mind when you think of Survivor is likely the gritty, tough-guy favorite “Eye of the Tiger”, which was immortalized (even scripted) in Rocky III. After riding the crest of this huge hit for 5 or 6 minutes, the singer buggered off, and Survivor got a new singer, and went drippy pop. Their next album yielded such hits as “Can’t Hold Back”, “High on You”, and the aforementioned song for my high school generation, because when they found that song, I guess the title alone told them they could stop looking for a good song.

The music at the prom was indeed a mix, because the 80’s were still in full swing, and music wasn’t yet subdivided into the 174-odd genres, sub-genres, and sub-archetypes that it is now. There was pop, new wave, rock, heavy metal, and country. Oh, and classical. That’s pretty much it. Rap was still pretty new, and was still sort of lumped in with pop, because no one knew what to do with it yet.

That being said, we heard Jody Watley followed by Paul Simon, followed by Echo and the Bunnymen, followed by Billy Idol, followed by Los Lobos, followed by ‘Til Tuesday, and then Club Nouveau led us into Still Loving You, and so on. The Finer Things were calling us “Al” through Lips Like Sugar. But it was ok because you could Lean On Me, Mony. I Had the Time of My Life, but I was Living On A Prayer.

The nice thing about then was music was still music, and it wasn’t so subdivided. Oh, and there was still music on Mtv. And it was good.

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