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2008-05-01 ó

Prom photos

The time has come for the prom photos in this wonderful world of blogger prom, and even though I posted these a few months ago (since it was relevant to post them after my high school reunion), youíll get them again.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Leigh had to pick my non-driving ass up for the prom, so these photos were taken at my parentsí house as we were walking out. There are actually a few other photos as Leigh was trying to grow an arm large enough to support this massive corsage, etc. I only have these two prepared though.

Itís bad enough that I donít have a scanner and I actually had to take a digital photo of these photos in order to digitize them. Hey, you buys your tickets, you takes your chances.

As the lovely and talented Golfwidow said in her blog, today, this prom week has been a lot of fun. It gets me writing every day too, which I really should try to do. I get so goddamn lazy sometimes and want to make this blog so interesting by writing profoundly moving stuff, blah, blah, blah, but the truth of it is, I really just enjoy writing, and it shouldnít be based on the entertainment value. *sigh* Now no one will read this drivel.

Special thanks to Golfwidow for letting me be one of her dates this year. She already had two dates, but she let me sit at her table anyway. Sheís just charitable like that.

At Novemberís 20-year high school reunion, (for those of you who just joined us) I met Leigh again and got a few photos with her to see how we had both changed after 20 years. We struck two poses, one with the reunion badge and one without. I think she got the better of the years, but she was always pretty anyway.

See what I mean about that corsage? I mean, seriously people. Itís as big as my hair, and thatís really something.

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Molly (MJD) - 2008-05-01 19:54:20
You and Leigh are still a handsome couple. See you at the prom.

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