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2005-09-23 —


Rant and rage!

Disclaimer: If you’re religious, stop reading now because you’re not going to like this one bit.

Shit, dude. I just read in the headlines about this bus filled with elderly people evacuating to escape the wrath of hurricane Rita. The freaking bus blew up (!) and burned two dozen of them alive. How horrible. It sounds like a lot of them were on Oxygen too, and their bottles started blowing up, etc., making for a really hot fire. I know what you’re thinking. “The bus is on fire! Get the hell out!” Yeah, well, I’m not sure all of these people could walk, let alone scramble out of the bus. They were frail old people who died trying to save their own lives. These are grandmas and grandpas, people. It looks like about 19 made it out though, so that’s something.

Not that I needed any, being a staunch atheist, but I think this is the final proof that there is no god. Either that or he’s a fucking evil, petty, vindictive asshole who gets off on making his children suffer. Yes, I know ‘god’ and ‘his’ are supposed to be capitalized, but you gotta believe it to do that, and I don’t, so bite me. If there were some kindly old god looking down on us, would he really allow this to happen? What about earthquakes? Mudslides? Terrorists? Cancer? AIDS? Yeah, right.

Oh, wait. The citizens of New Orleans got punished for being sinners, right? Just like Sodom and Gomorrah but this time it was a hurricane instead of fire and brimstone? This is the South, people! I’ll bet most of them probably go to church every Sunday, tithe, volunteer, all that stuff. What about the people in Mississippi? Florida? Texas? Alabama? North Carolina? Mexico? What about the tsunami victims? They don’t matter because they’re not Christians, right? Feh. There’s the old catchall too; say it with me: The lord works in mysterious ways. What a bunch of bullshit. The death of so many innocents, poor, helpless, and grandparents is inexcusable. If there is a god, I think he’s an asshole.

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Ann - 2005-09-23 16:05:20
yep. you are right. god didn't do it (there ain't one). life did it. life sucks (sometimes).

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