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Headlines and Tigers

Headlines crack me up sometimes. This week has been wonderful headline fodder, let me tell you.

First things first. Only minutes ago my Welsh friend, Al (why is it relevant that he's from Wales? 1. He looks at BBC news regularly. 2. It makes me sound cool and worldly), sent me this headline in an email. It's too good.

Also this week, thanks to an unremembered source (sorry!) on the Skepchick forum a perfect headline for pareidolia was printed. For those of you who don't know, pareidolia is the phenomenon of people seeing faces and other images in completely random and unrelated things. A perfect example was the person who saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich then sold it for $30,000. It happens, people. Anyway, knowing what it means, read this.


Other fun headlines from this week:

Pakistan on alert for Bush

Colo. Teacher Punished for Bush Comment

Busta Hit With Assault Suit

Pat Robertson gets the Boot

I'm happy about the Pat Robertson one. Apparently this guy is such an asshole that even the Christians want nothing to do with him. He's got a long history of assholitude anyway, I went off on him a few months ago. So Apparently he's been a board member of this religious broadcasting company for 30 years, but after his recent vitriolic shitheadedness stating that Venezuela's president should be assassinated and that Sharon's stroke was divine punishment, they kicked him off the board! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Enough of the news. Tuesday of this week, I was in the car with my friend Paul, whom I carpool with. He was driving, and we were southbound on I-25.

This guy on a motorcycle passes us on the right, then slows down right in front of us. Traffic isn't moving faster than us, you tool. Sorry, I got distracted. OK, so he's riding a Kawasaki motorcycle, and it's got THAT GREEN color that used to exist only on the cheap, KMart 10-speeds of the 1970's. He's also wearing a bright yellow jacket, a RED backpack, and a multi colored helmet.

The guy was a parade. Then, I looked at his license plate, which read:


My very first thought? "Awww, he's gay. Isn't that cute?"

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Want to comment? Speak up! 4 Quips to Date

The Welsh Friend - 2006-03-03 12:42:04
I obviously agree with your choice of source material... Grrrrr.
Liz - 2006-03-07 12:15:10
I enjoyed your comments about Pat Robertson. You really blog bashed him! hehehehe
angie - 2006-03-14 11:41:41
Not to be touchy or anything, but being a completely badly dressed ignoramous doesn't prove gayness - in fact, I would suggest that it proves the contrary.
Tim - 2006-03-14 16:08:09
Angie, you are 100% correct about the dressing/gayness observation. It's just that the colors were so bold and stark in contrast, it remided me of an Andy Warhol painting. Wait...maybe I'm gay!

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