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2005-07-12 ó 6:48 a.m.

Vegas: The Arrival

If you didn't read my last entry about the flight to Vegas, you can find it here.

The flight was over. Whew! I was thin, in great shape, and had a curly and lustrous mane of blond hair when I left for Las Vegas. Now you should see me.

After we landed and got to Deplane! Deplane! There was much rejoicing. I met up with several of my fellow in-flight torturees in the restroom and we all just looked at one another, spoke not a word, and shook our heads in disgust. Then we shook our heads before we put them back in our pants.

Las Vegas airport is actually really nice, but I wouldnít want to live there. We just about took root waiting for our luggage, though. I went and got the rental car, met up with my neice (who just turned 21) and then waited for the baggage. Itís funny to see the dichotomy of the people at the baggage claim. One group is pissy and miserable because they canít wait to get the hell out of there, the other group has the 3-mile stare and just stand there dejectedly until the belt starts to move. The latter group goes through alternating peaks and valleys of excitement and disappointment when they see a suitcase that looks like theirs but isnít; the former just steams.

After 20 or 30 years, the bag appeared upside down, we got it, and headed out into the LV heat to get the shuttle to the rental car place. The car was a Neon. It was too small, but we were already packed up before I realized there were larger options, and it was too hot to move the bags again. So it goes.

We left the airport and waited in traffic for about 20 minutes trying to turn left to get to our hotel. You see, there are normally 3-left turn lanes operating, but they had 2 of them closed off for construction. Joy. Canít they do this at night? I understand they have to maintain the roads, however. The pavement there actually melts in the heat and makes these tire-track canals running parallel to the lanes. It looks almost as though some mental mammoth put speed bumps in the road the wrong way. It helps to keep you in your lane, though, just like the little Autopia cars at Disneyland. Really though, before this construction starts, wonít someone please think of the tourists!! Weíve got money to spend!

The arrival at the hotel was uneventful after that. We checked in and I sent the girls upstairs with the luggage while I looked for my sister at one of the tables. No, not dancing, you pervert. During my machete-waving march through the jungle of the casino, I stumbled across a Double Diamond Deluxe $1 slot machine. I love this brand of slot, it actually moves certain bars to the payline if they line up above or below. I spun a few times, and lo and behold, I won $150. Sweet!

I didnít find my sister, so I went to the room assuming she was there. Sure enough, I found her! We went to dinner after that, then sent the monkey (my daughter) down to the carnival arcade games in the basement of the Excalibur with $20 of my recent winnings burning a hole in her pocket.

Off to the bar for some video poker and lubrication. After a walk around to the other local casinos and the water show at Bellagio, my sister and I were just getting started! We sat down at the Spanish 21 blackjack table at about 11:30pm, and didnít leave until 5am. There was on point when we were both down, but we walked away even. YES!!!!

There was a nice thing at the airport, too before we left. I walked up to another DDD slot, put $20 in, and cashed out 2 minutes later with $50. Whoís youíre lucky slot daddy? At this point, I felt that I needed to consult my wallet. I had arrived with $300 in my wallet, and left with $275. Taking out the $20 that I gave the monkey, I got 8 or 9 hours of gambling in for a whopping 5 bucks. I canít believe how much I rule.

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