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The Lacetrix

Larry Wachowski, one of the Wachowski brothers who brought us The Matrix, is a nut-job. The reclusive brother, has just weirded out completely and decided on a new kind of 'trix.

So long, Larry, we'll miss you.

I saw another silly license plate today. It wasn't quite as lame as this one, but had the same theme. It was on a green dodge truck, an Alaska plate. It read:


Who thinks of this stuff? I'm surprised staunch republicans havn't gotten their ILVBUSH plates. *rolls eyes*

Oversight: A shout out to Golf Widow, who was the source of the X-Men survey from my previous entry. She didn't create it, but she had it first and I want to be just like her, so there you have it.

Speaking of Golf Widow, she is the one who designed my new diary template! Doesn't it look awesome?

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golfwidow - 2006-06-09 15:33:45
I think that "matrix" and "dominatrix" need to be a limerick, but I'm just not that brilliant.
Tim - 2006-06-09 15:41:52
Your wish is my command: I don't think it'll format right though, so deal. There once was a tall man named Larry Who was so fucking strange it was scary He traded his Matrix For a blonde Dominatrix And now they just call him "Mary"
Chick - 2006-06-13 00:46:37
love the it!
Heeland Lass - 2006-06-21 16:16:47
Hi Tim! Well, at the moment the 2nd weekend in July 2007 is completely free! Funnily enough!

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