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2008-04-30 —

Prom day 3

Prom day 3

I think the best part of movies is that proms are totally over exaggerated, either way. Either no boys will dance at all because they are totally mortified, like I was, or everyone is dancing, which is also bullshit. Furthermore, you see the bad seeds always trying to spike the punch while the militant chaperones try to be everywhere at once.

There are the funny movies, however, that ignore all this and are just great no matter what. A recent example, of course is the classic teenage-awkwardness film, Napoleon Dynamite. When Pedro tries to get Summer to go to the dance with him by baking her a cake – because he’s got ‘skills’ – he gets shot down anyway, but the effort was worthwhile.

Napoleon’s efforts were much better though, and he was in the same boat that I was, except that he got Pedro’s friends to get him and his date to the prom. Of course his date was a total bitch who just ignored him as soon as she got there and went to hang out with her friends, but she went with him under duress anyway.

I think that my favorite prom scene though was in the movie Better Off Dead, mostly just because it is one of the funniest young love high school movies. You know the one, right? John Cusack plays the jilted loser-ish boy who was in love with the cute cheerleader, but falls for the French exchange student across the street? Yes, indeed.

The band is playing the title track from the movie, “I’d be better off dead, than to be without you…” and the singer has this horrible pink-hued, angle cut dress on, huge, starched hair, and is doing the typical jerky-side step 80’s dance moves so relevant to that time, while the French girl, played by the uber cute Diane Franklin whisks John Cusack off to some bushes outside. Meanwhile her fat, ugly ‘date’ is looking everywhere for her because his troll of a mother, whose face got blown up in an earlier scene is waiting to drive them home. Oh yes, and he wants to put his ‘testicles’ all over her. How you say? Octopus? God, I love that movie.

It is not wise to anger Mother.

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